Monday, 11 June 2012


Artist: Athar Abbas

This owl is another story prop, and is made out of white polystyrene and paper, with the beak carved out of a small piece of wood. Its feathers are made of paper which has been painted.Its claws are painted pieces of carved wood.
  It is perched on a twig so that it can be easily held to illustrate a story, just like the two frogs

This owl can be used to illustrate this story too, which is again for young children. There are comprehension questions which can be asked so that you are sure the story has been understood.
  Of course there are many owl stories, which this owl could usefully illustrate, this is just one example.

Detail of paper feathers

                                    Hoot The Happy Owl

Hoot the owl had a bad night. He couldn’t find any food. He looked for a nice juicy mouse, but there weren’t any. He was hungry and perched on a tree to rest.
    His head turned from side to side as he looked for something to eat. Nothing moved. It was very still. Hoot was very unhappy and decided to go back to his nest. He had babies in the nest and wanted to find food for them. They were growing and needed food more than he did.
   Poor Hoot.
   On his way back to the nest, he saw something moving and flew silently down to catch it.
    He was very quick and very lucky.  He caught a rat and although it was big, flew back to his nest with it.

     a)     What was Hoot doing in this story?

     b) Why wasn’t the owl happy?

     c) Why did Hoot want to take the food back to his nest?

     d)  What did Hoot find?

     e)       In your own words, write about what Hoot was
            doing and how he felt.  

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