Sunday, 10 June 2012


Artist: Athar Abbas

This picture is made with wood, stone, herbs and salt, with the colours being oil paint. The mountain is made with larger stones, while smaller stones have been used to fill in the foreground. Salt forms the snow on the mountains, which has been whitened with oil paint.
  This picture shows a village in Swat valley, and some of the stepping stones have been submerged as the stream is higher than normal due to snow melt from the mountains. The small wooden bridge spans the stream and this has been carved by hand. The trees are made with pieces of twigs and herbs.The tree trunk in the right hand corner is for people to sit on although as usual there are no people in this picture. You can only see traces of them in the buildings and bridge.
  The environment is as pristine as it can be given that people inhabit it. This is a recurring theme in Mr. Abbas's work.
  The artist's wooden signature frame has crushed stones in the corners.

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